Ideal Hairstyles for Round Shaped Faces

Many people are not aware of how important your face shape can be to the style of haircut you choose. Although you may really want to get a certain trendy style, it just may not look right with your face's shape and this is important to keep in mind before you set your mind on any new look. Many women who have a more round face should be looking for the perfect haircut which can minimize the roundness and create the look of a more narrow and refined face.

First, it is important to avoid extremely curly or extremely straight hair styles as this only accentuates your round face. Layering your hair is very important and if you want curls, keep them lose and wavy which can help minimize the round shape. The best and most popular hair length for women with round shaped faces is just below the chin. This allows you to create the wavy styles, straight or whatever you want while keeping the length that shows off your face in a new and refined light. You do not want to go shorter than just below the chin, like a bob, as this can make your face look that much rounder.

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Another great look for round faced ladies is the short bob in the back and longer in the front, below the chin. This angled bob is perfect for rounded faces as it is worn straight and therefore limits the volume on the sides of the face which is how round faces are generally accentuated instead of refined. Although a great flatiron and styling gel is required for this look, it can work can really create a chic look that everyone is striving for.

For women out there who are looking for longer hair styles you are in luck because many hair experts say that longer hair styles do more for round faces than short hairstyles. Once again, layers are very important in long hair as they are in short styles. Although the long wavy hair was the look of last year in the eyes of the trend watchers today, it is still a great look for women with round faces. It not only refines your face but gives you a sexy and sultry look for the day and the evenings. All it takes is a large barreled curling iron to get this great look and best of all it looks so natural on round faced women.

The popular, long side swept bangs are the perfect addition to any of these great hairstyles listed above as they really do something flattering to the round faced women of today. They are incredibly in style and can be paired with any hairstyle you want to experiment with. Not only are your bangs important but how you part your chosen hairstyle as well. What is best for round faced women is to part right down the middle or do what you can to avoid a part altogether. You may never have thought that your part can make that much difference on how flattering your face shape can look, but it can be one of the biggest factors that are often ignored.

There are so many women out there who are not wearing the most flattering hairstyle for whatever their face shape is, and little do they know that if they avoided what is most popular and went for what suited them best they would look ten times better! Take the time to research your face shape and what is most flattering for you, you will not regret it!

Ideal Hairstyles for Round Shaped Faces

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What is a Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

If you have curly hair, the Brazilian Hair Straightening is the perfect solution for you. It has Keratin in it, which makes the Brazilian Hair Straightening one of the best ways to straighten your hair.

This is a very effective hair straightening solution. It makes the natural negative ions help form micro articles from the water molecules. This enables the solution to get inside the hair shaft, and that too, without doing any harm to the hair.

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The reason why the Brazilian Hair Straightening is a better option than the Japanese straightener is that the latter has a high alkaline content that has the potential to harm the structure of your hair.

The effects of this lasts for approximately three to four months, after which your hair looks like before.

This product works wonders on curly and wavy hair. In fact, the Brazilian Hair Straightening gives you the option of choosing a color for your hair during straightening. Moreover, there is no hassle about hair breakage because this product is for temporary action. The chemical does not affect the internal construct of your hair. It only works on the cuticle and does not get into the cortex, thereby enabling great action by the keratin.

If you are still wondering whether to try the treatment or not, here a more reasons why you should give it a try:

  1. The application is hassle free and it saves a lot of your time.
  2. The product is safe and does not harm your hair, even if a chemical has treated it previously.

It gives the user beautiful straight hair.

Given below is a simple application process:

  • Shampoo the customer's hair but do not apply any conditioner because the product itself consists of keratin.
  • Segregate the hair into four neat sections.
  • The solution is to be applied at the scalp and then comb it well so that the solution spreads throughout.
  • After one section has been done, clip it and go on to the next section.
  • When the product has been applied to every part of your head, then blow-dry your hair, beginning from the nape.
  • The last step consists of flat ironing the four subsections properly.

Chocolate Deep Conditioning

This treatment is ideal for the client who wants strong and healthy hair. Here is how to do it:

  • The product is a shampoo that contains keratin. It is free from chemicals like sodium chloride.
  • Wet the hair and then put the solution on the scalp. For about five minutes, gently massage the head and then wash with warm water.
  • After the wash, put a mask on the saturated hair and blow dry for ten minutes. Following the drying, wash the mask away with warm water.
  • Anti-Frizz lotion- to get the right style for the client, apply a small amount of this solution to wet hair and create the style that the client likes.
  • At last, when all is done, put the finishing touch with a little bit of serum in the hair.

This treatment is well worth the investment for the shine, the ease, and the look of your after the beautiful treatment.

What is a Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

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Is Your Hair Falling Out Excessively? Remedies For Female Hair Loss

Is your hair falling out excessively? Remedies for female hair loss

It is estimated that twenty-five million women in America alone suffer from hair loss or female pattern baldness. Although on the surface female hair-loss may resemble male pattern baldness, it is actually quite different structurally. Women lose their hair for many reasons, including genetics, hormones, and even stress. So, what do you do if you find yourself in this same situation? Here are a few tips to keep the hair that you have, and to help re-grow the hair that you have lost:

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1. Massage your scalp often.

Anytime that you shampoo your hair you should use scalp friendly, non-drying shampoo that clarifies and frees your hair of residue buildup. Take an extra couple of minutes to massage your scalp while in the shower or bath. You can also use warm olive oil, or oil specifically designed for scalp use. The massage will stimulate the hair follicles, promoting hair growth.

2. Keep your hair free.

A symptom of hair loss is fragile hair, so you need to keep your hair free from chemicals or high heat. Also, you should trim your hair often, and use styling products sparingly. Try to cut your hair where you are able to wear it down. Barrettes and ponytail holders can cause significant damage even to healthy hair.

3. Use a professional hair growth formula.

There are many great hair growth products on the market, but many of them are formulated specifically for male pattern baldness. One product that is formulated for women is Provillus by Provillus Corporation. Provillus is a food supplement that nourishes the scalp to stimulate and reactivate hair follicles. One of the main causes of hair loss in women is a hormone called DHT (dihydrotestostrone.) Provillus acts as a DHT suppressant, thereby reducing hair loss.

Is Your Hair Falling Out Excessively? Remedies For Female Hair Loss

If you are a woman looking for a cure for your hair loss, I highly recommend you try out Provillus for women. Provillus is the only topical and dietary supplement approved by the FDA to regrow hair for women. Check out my personal review of it here: []

Brazilian Keratin Straightening - One of the Best Hair Straightening Treatments Around

Brazilian Keratin Straightening is a long term blow drying system that lasts about 10 weeks. It is designed for people who have curly or frizzy hair and doesn't use any chemical treatments; in fact it will help to repair your hair!

Brazilian Keratin Straightening is safe for use on coloured hair and the reason that it will help to repair your hair is due to the fact that the main component is keratin protein, which is found in the hair. The effects of Brazilian Keratin Straightening will generally wash out in two to three months depending on how porous your hair was before the treatment took place.

\"hair Treatment\"

As with all treatments that you have done on your hair you should visit your salon before hand for a consultant appointment with your stylist to discuss everything that is going to be carried out on your hair. The reason that this is so important is to ensure that the treatment you have done to your hair won't damage it. Even though with the Brazilian Keratin Straightening it can pretty much be performed on any type of hair I would still recommend that you book an appointment with your stylist to discuss it before hand so that you can go over everything that will happen on the day as well as everything that you can and can't do to your hair once you have had the treatment performed. This way you are fully aware of any implications that may affect your hair and will ensure that you don't do anything to your hair that could damage the Brazilian Keratin Straightening treatment.

When you arrive at the salon on the day of your appointment you will remain in there for around two hours while the process is being performed, which isn't bad at all considering that most of us spend about an hour just having a cut and blow dry. Once the treatment has been performed your stylist will more than likely go over the procedure for caring for your hair again.

Unlike other straightening treatments, such as the Japanese straightening treatment, the Brazilian Keratin Straightening is cheaper and you can have it done on treated, coloured and damaged hair; basically the more damaged your hair is the longer the straightening effect will last.

The Brazilian Keratin Straightening process can be broken down into the following:

o Your hair is shampooed but no conditioner is used as the product itself consists of keratin

o The hair is segregated into four neat sections

o The solution is applied at the scalp and then combed well so that the solution spreads throughout the hair

o After one section has been done, the hair is clipped and the next section is started When the product has been applied to every part of your head, blow-dry your hair, beginning from the nape

o The last step consists of flat ironing the four subsections properly

The produce that is used on your hair contains what is known as Keratin, which will crystallise and coat the hair shaft, sealing in shine and keeping out moisture/frizz. It makes damaged hair look healthy again.

After the process, you cannot wash your hair for four days. Also, you should not use any product (particularly shampoo) with sodium Chloride, as that will eat through the coating provided by the Keratin. If your hair does become wet during these four days it is essential that you blow dry it straight away.

Once applied the chemical sits on the cuticle, not penetrating into the cortex which allows the keratin to work at its best and condition, moisturise and reconstruct your hair, leaving it looking shiny, soft and more manageable.

Brazilian Keratin Straightening - One of the Best Hair Straightening Treatments Around

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Shag Past and Present - History of This Great Hair Style

The shag hairstyle is a youthful cut where you have short and layered hair. Mostly hair is layered at the crown of the head rather than below. As an option you could add bangs to the cut which you should be able to push off your face. The look should allow you to tuck hair behind your ears and keep them in place with barrettes. Today's shag could be a variation with more layers towards the bottom of the cut or longer length.

In recent years, the most outstanding and noticed shag hairstyle was Meg Ryan's in IQ. The flirty short shaggy bobs were a variation which really motivated a number of us youngsters waiting at our stylists with her picture, queuing up for a similar look. Though it may look real neat and trendy, you need a stylist with 'shear magic and eye for styling' to get you the right look. He should know exactly where to layer your hair depending in your face and features; where to thin out thick hair and give volume to thin hair. A shag hairstyle is the most versatile haircut giving you the option to style it in two to three different ways! You could add bangs on one side, both sides, keep it long or short, keep it messy, styled or carefree and the best is you can manage them at home without the need to buy every styling product in the market.

\"great Hair\"

Paul McGregor had invented the Shag hairstyle and gave it to Jane Fonda in the movie Klute . Farrah Fawcett wore it in the famous Charlie's angels television show and it became a phenomenon of sorts. Shag is the classic hairstyle of the '70s and considered one of the 'coolest' as it was worn by the heart throbs of that time. David Bowie, Rod Stewart, everybody who was anybody had the shag hairstyle. During the '80s, adaptations of the shag hairstyle were worn by the heavy metal rock bands who wore their hair in long shag cuts. The shag hair style was the ultimate unisex style and women and men were both wearing it with élan.

Another theory suggests that in the 1960's men had begun wearing their hair long after the hairstyle Process brought in the 1920s by the African Americans. In the 1970s when hairstyles were changing and the process style was fading, men were habituated to wearingh their hair long. So, in the 80s, they let their hair grow at the back of the head while keeping them shorter at the top. This was the first form of the shag hairstyle worn by men which was soon adapted into various styles.

The 70s was an era of the youth, the end of the Vietnam War added in making it the turning point for them. Platform shoes, disco dancing and the Beegees; this new found youth was perhaps the reason for the emergence of this carefree, youthful and messy hairstyle- the Shag hairstyle.

Shag Past and Present - History of This Great Hair Style

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Fun, Shaggy Haircuts!

Shaggy haircuts are currently very popular and work well for almost all face types. You don't want to go too shaggy but having a little bit of shag with a layered cut looks great. Shaggy haircuts help give the hair that slightly messy look without being too frizzy or unkempt.

Shaggy haircuts tend to have many different layers, which give its own permanent style without much maintenance. Shaggy haircuts can be used to hide facial flaws such as enhancing cheekbones. If you are male then a shaggy cut can enhance a strong jaw line. You can add height to your face as well. Out-of-the-bedroom hair is all about the shag. This look is chaotic, confused without being dirty and is very cool on men.

\"great Hair\"

Shag hairstyles are great on those that have medium length hair that is very curly or frizzy. The long shag works if you want rock star texture. All you need is a little hair product and some air dying and your done. The long shag works best for those with fine hair texture and also is a great way to lighten very thick hair. The wavy shag haircut is that sexy, messy style that looks great on all expect for those with very fine hair.

If you have long or wavy hair then you should keep you layers long otherwise shorter layers may tend to frizz. The shag was very popular in the 70s but the new shag style is a shorter hairstyle with some angles to frame your face. It is super sleek and very easy to wear.

It is important to go to a salon or hairdresser to get your shaggy cut, as the shag cannot be achieved by taking some scissors to your hair. Shaggy does are carefully constructed with many different length layers, and different angle cuts. So there is much more to it then meets the eye. A professional will be able to give you a shaggy cut that looks great and takes very little maintenance.

Fun, Shaggy Haircuts!

Marsudi Suwarnaadi is a men's hairstylist. He invites you to browse his shaggy haircuts gallery on his popular male haircuts blog. The haircuts can be printed out and brought with you to your hairstylist.

Want Your Natural Hair Color Back?

If you Google 'gray hair treatment' or similar search term, you are likely to find pages and pages of solutions, treatments and cures for graying of hair. But is it really possible to 'cure' grey hair and reverse this sign of aging that many of us tend to have rather early in life?

What Causes Grey Hair? Genetics, environmental pollutants, age, lifestyle related habits and other reasons can all contribute to grey hair. A very significant proportion of those who grey early, probably had a parent (or two perhaps) who also grayed early, and so genetics is clearly a predictor of graying.
Smoking, is a predictor of going gray before one's time and is known to have a correlation with the discoloration of skin as well as hair. Stress, is another factor that contributes to grey hair; as the old adage goes, worry can in fact turn your hair white. So work related or personal tensions and so on can all cause one to have gray hair earlier than nature ordained.

\"hair Treatment\"

Certain health problems could also contribute to gray hair - A thyroid disorder, anemia related to a Vitamin B12 deficiency and other deficiencies could contribute to gray hair. Getting these conditions within control by taking medications or nutritional supplements could also help to control gray hair in many cases.

Leukoderma or Vitiligo where the skin gets progressively depigmented (loses color or pigment) can also trigger graying of hair before its time.

Can you reverse gray hair? There are a number of natural solutions offered that claim to cure gray hair - for instance mixing yoghurt and black pepper and applying this to the hair, applying certain oils and lotions to the hair, using tea leaves or henna are all supposed to help darken grey hair. Indeed these may well work for most people; however for many others this may have a very temporary effect.

Then there are all sorts of 'medicines' or pills and powders that are advertized as the definitive cure for hair turning white before its time. Unfortunately a large majority of these claims are fraudulent or misleading at the very least - many of these formulations claim to be natural or safe and effective and yet in most cases this is very far from the truth!

Some people speak of gene therapy as being one of the possible treatments for reversing the whitening of hair. However as of now there is no such therapy that exists; in the future who knows!

So in conclusion, it has to be admitted that the best options around are the natural ones, they may work for you or they may not. But in the very least you can be sure they won't do any harm. One may choose to either color the hair or wear a hat or to flaunt that gray hair - is it not after all, a badge of wisdom?

Want Your Natural Hair Color Back?

The author has used common home remedies for treating hair loss. Some lotions for alopecia and baldness cure could have side effects and it is preferable to try holistic treatment options.

Vitamins for Gray Hair

Gray hair is a direct sign of aging and most older people would like to prevent this from happening. But like aging, graying hair is a natural, unstoppable process. Having gray hair is not so bad. You can still have healthy and beautiful hair despite the gray and one way of achieving that is by giving your gray hair vitamins.

How does hair become gray?

\"great Hair\"

Each hair follicle contains pigment cells that produce the chemical called melanin that gives the hair its natural color. The hair's light or dark color depends on the amount of melanin each hair contains. As we get older, the pigment cells in the hair follicles die gradually. Because of this, the production of melanin becomes weak, making its color to fade to silver, gray, or white.

Keeping gray hair away

Everyone's hair will turn gray eventually, but there is nothing wrong with delaying the process. Hair vitamins for gray hair are now available commercially to stall the appearance of gray hair. For the hair to continue to produce melanin, it is helpful to give it a steady diet of Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA). It is one of the many B-complex vitamins and is readily available both in capsule-form vitamin B-complex at your nearest drugstore. Pantothenic acid or Vitamin B-5 is another known vitamin for gray hair. It stimulates vitamin utilization and releases energy from food to for great hair and good skin. If partnered with folic acid, pantothenic acid helps restore the hair's natural color so it fights premature gray hair.

Recently, researchers have come up with solutions to gray hair. According to cancer researchers, liposomes, substances that help deliver drugs into the body, can be utilized to deposit melanin inside the follicles. This means that if the hair naturally stops producing melanin, then melanin can be artificially deposited to the hair follicles. A leading cosmetics laboratory has also developed a precursor molecule for melanin called dihydroxyl-5.6-indole. This allows the natural process of hair pigmentation to take place naturally through a slow process of oxydization.

Vitamins for Gray Hair

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