Unwanted Hair Removal Tips - A Few Quick Tips To Help In Your Quest To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

The funny thing about hair is that it never seems to grow exactly where a person wants. As people age or even during hormonal changes in both men and women, hair can crop up in the strangest places. When fast unwanted hair removal is desired, there are some excellent routes to take. There are even some quick hair removal tips that can help make the prospect as painless as possible.

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, a lot depends on the area in question. Removing hair from some parts of the body is not entirely a good idea. To make hair go away or to at least make it less noticeable, follow these quick hair removal tips:

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Nose hair - When tips for unwanted nasal hair removal are desired, it is important to exercise caution. Hair in the nasal passage is there for a reason. It helps filter the air people breathe. With this in mind, it's best to not tweeze or otherwise pull out nasal hair. It can, however, be trimmed. The best method for this is to use specialized nose hair clippers. These are designed to make access into the nasal cavity easier.

Unwanted Hair Removal Tips - A Few Quick Tips To Help In Your Quest To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Ear hair - Men in particular can find some rather odd hairs growing out of their ears as they age. While this hair is not quite as important as nasal hair, it should not be completely removed when in the ear canal. Trim instead. For the outer ear, use tweezers to pull hair out from the root if at all possible. Do be careful with hair removal even on the outside, as it can be a bit more painful than many realize.

Eyebrows - Hair removal here does present with a few options. It is important to make sure a good shape is left to the brow, however, or a person will look a bit odd. For stray hairs, an ice cube to numb the area and a pair of tweezers can work well for unwanted hair removal. If the area is particularly overgrown, consider a professional waxing.

Lip area - Women in particular are not fond of moustaches that might grow in this area. Waxing and tweezing tend to offer the best hair removal options for this area. Laser hair removal can provide a more permanent solution in some cases.

Bikini line - Hair removal cream, tweezers and razors can all work very well here. Take care not to remove hair from extremely sensitive areas.

Hair removal at home is a fairly easy prospect. Just proceed carefully depending on the area where the unwanted hair happens to be.

Unwanted Hair Removal Tips - A Few Quick Tips To Help In Your Quest To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal, electrolysis, tweezing, waxing. Just a few of the many, many methods you can use for unwanted hair removal. Which method are you going to use? Not sure? For some great hair removal advice and resources visit www.unwantedhairremoval.net TODAY.

How to Reduce Crows Feet Lines Around the Eyes

The aging process makes it inevitable that we develop lines and creases around the eyes, known as crow's feet. Treatments for reducing crows feet include anti wrinkle creams, botox injections, laser skin resurfacing treatments and cosmetic acupuncture.

Diet and Lifestyle

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The ageing process makes it inevitable that we develop lines and creases around the eyes, known as crows feet. The type of skin you have and environmental factors can make a difference in the severity of crows feet. As is usual with most health issues, prevention is better than cure. Avoiding exposure to the sun, using a good sun screen all year round and wearing a wide brimmed hat on sunny days will help prevent damage from the sun. A healthy diet rich in anti oxidants will help to strengthen the skin against damage from the sun and pollution. Smoking is known to give you wrinkles and can also damage your eyesight. Even if you do not smoke yourself, frequent exposure to others smoking can be just as damaging.

How to Reduce Crows Feet Lines Around the Eyes

There are several treatments to consider for reducing crows feet around the eyes:

Anti Wrinkle Eye Creams

A huge range of products are available from beauty stores which claim to reduce wrinkles. It is difficult to know if these actually work, as any changes will be very subtle. There are some face creams which can relax the skin and prevent lines forming. The only way to know if anti wrinkle creams work would be to apply the cream to one side of the face for several weeks and then check the mirror to look for changes. Individuals may experience a different result due to the type of skin and strength of muscles which contract and cause lines to form in the first place.

Botox Injections

After botox treatment injections, you should see significant improvements within 7 days. Botox causes the muscles to relax, and prevents them from contracting, so that the face remains smooth and wrinkle free. Botox is excellent for reducing crows feet lines around the eyes, removing frown or glabella lines and forehead lines. Too much botox can create a face which does not move and is unable to show facial expressions. Some people may develop an immunity to botox, especially if they have frequent botox injections. Botox is popular with celebrities and is available at many local beauty salons.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Laser skin resurfacing can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by removing the outer layer of skin. Several treatments may be required to achieve the desired result. The skin may be very red and sore for several days after treatment, and exposure to sunlight must be avoided as the new skin revealed by laser treatment can be easily damaged by UV rays. Laser skin rejuvenation is a popular treatment for acne scars and uneven pigmentation. Some laser treatments can tighten the skin as the laser encourages the stimulation of collagen production, which plumps up and firms the skin.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

The principal behind acupuncture is that it redirects natural energy in the body, promoting healing and well being. The insertion of needles into the skin can also stimulate collagen and therefore acupuncture can achieve a face lift, reducing wrinkles and firming the skin. Facial rejuvenation with acupuncture should only be carried out by a qualified acupuncturist who has had specialist training in cosmetic acupuncture.

How to Reduce Crows Feet Lines Around the Eyes

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Top 10 Hair Dying Mistakes

Whether you want to want to get rid of that gray hair or you just want to have a new look, dying is a good way to achieve it. Unfortunately, hair dying entails consequences that may damage and dry your hair when used inappropriately. The selected color of your dye should blend with the original color of your hair and eyebrows and to enhance your features. Experimenting is good, but dyes can be rough on your hair when used frequently. Although it is best to dye at a professional salon or stylist, it is much cheaper at home with the same creative effect. Before you see the top 10 hair dying mistakes, it is important to have an understanding of the different types of hair dye that are available so you can put them in context.

Types of Hair Dye

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1. Permanent hair dye

Top 10 Hair Dying Mistakes

While dying your hair permanantly is, by some, considered in and of itself a mistake, the obvious benefit is that it lasts for a considerable time. As the hair grows, it is applied to the roots. It contains ammonia and peroxides, which can possibly cause dryness and damage. Exposure to the sun and salt water will cause the color to fade. That's why in order to maintain the color, it is best to cover your hair by using a hat or bandanna when going outside.

2. Long-lasting Semi-permanent

As the name implies, has the longest life remaining even after more than 20 washes, depending on the brand.

3. Semi-permanent

These have the shortest lifespan for dyes. After 6-12 washes, the color will start to fade. This is recommended for first-time users and those who want to experiment with colors.

How to dye your hair safely and professionally:

- Separate hair into two quadrants. Then clip each part.

- Wear plastic gloves while mixing dye solution. Follow the directions written on the box.

- Squeeze a small amount of coloring into one quadrant. Streak thin stripes of color over the whole area of the quadrant. Put a clip on the colored part.

- Repeat the process after you have completed coloring the four quadrants.

- Consult instructions on how long you should leave it. Add a couple of minutes of wait to that of the suggested treatment time.

- Put on left over color mix to the entire head after a few minutes.

- Rinse with cold water.

Top 10 hair dying mistakes!

- Number 10: Applying dye to dirty, tangled hair

Deep condition your hair a month before dying to maintain color. Be sure your hair is relatively clean before applying. Trim hair especially dry and split ends to even out color. Hair should be slightly damp when dye is applied.

- Number 9: Using hair conditioner before you dye

Do not condition your hair a few hours before applying hair dye, shampooing will do the trick. Your hair needs to be free of free radicals such as dirt and oil as much as possible.

- Number 8: Choosing hair dye based on what the model on the box looks like

Consult the local salon or stylist on what colors would look best on you. The hair dye you choose should have the same tone as your skin color.

- Number 7: Forgetting to check for allergic contents

After choosing a brand, apply a tiny amount of hair dye near your neck or behind your ear to see if irritation, redness, inflammation, allergy, hair loss or any bad reactions occur. Wash the affected area right away if this happens. Remember the instructions carefully. Do the patch test 1-2 days before hair dye application.

- Number 6: Doing your entire head without testing a small amount of your hair first

Do a strand test by applying a bit of dye to a few stands of your hair to see if you got the right color.

- Number 5: Staining your skin or clothes

Protect your skin by wrapping a towel around your neck as the dye can irritate your skin or affect your clothes. Gloves should be used and must be included in a hair dye kit. Applying petroleum jelly or cream around your ears and neck part will keep off stains. Wipe off oil after shampooing. If you do happen to stain your skin, don't worry, rubbing alcohol will remove dye stains from your skin

- Number 4: Picking a color that does not fit with your natural hair color

Pick a color one shade lighter when dying your roots. This will make the transition from your colored hair back to your natural hair color graceful without roots that are a completely different color sticking out. Obviously, this rule does not apply if you are dying your hair a completely different color than your natural hair color.

- Number 3: Losing hair

After dying, always rinse with cold or tepid water to avoid your own hair from falling out.

- Number 2: Over-dying hair

If you did not achieve the desired effect, using Liquid Tide can correct this. A couple of days of use will lighten the color until your hair returns to the original color. Instead of over-dying, do touch-ups every four to five weeks to keep your hair color picture perfect.

- Number 1: Dying eyebrows and eyelashes

Never use hair dye on eyebrows and eyelashes! Ask for medical help when dye gets into your eye.

Top 10 Hair Dying Mistakes

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Hair Straightener Irons - How to Keep Your Hair Straight Longer

Hair straightening is a process of straightening your hair by using certain chemicals along with heat applications. However, people who opt for hair straightening, are often doubtful about the effectiveness of the process. They also want to know for how long this technique will last on their hair. Majority of people want to keep their hair straight for a long time after undergoing the hair straightening process. People use a hair iron or a flat iron to straighten their curly or wavy hair.

To meet the challenge of keeping their hair straight, many people use anti-frizz spray, before they blow dry their hair. They believe that it really helps in keeping the hair straight. If you want to give an extra bounce to your straightened hair, you can use this spray once the hair straightening process is over. Besides, you can also use a number of shampoos available in the market to wash your hair. These shampoos should be used before you blow dry your hair.

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To keep your hair straight for a longer duration, you should keep the following points in mind:

Hair Straightener Irons - How to Keep Your Hair Straight Longer

  • Never get a hair straightening done in a hurry. Remember, the hair straightening is a time-consuming process, and needs to be done in a relaxed manner. Straighten a small section of hair at a time, as this will really be effective at a later stage.
  • You must use a good quality hair iron as old hair irons may not give you adequate results, and thus the straightening may not last for a long time.
  • If possible, avoid hair straightening during unfavorable weather conditions such as rain, winds or humidity. It will help you to maintain your style for a longer period. Adverse weather conditions are bad for your hair and you will find it difficult to maintain your style.
  • Do not shampoo your hair frequently.
  • Avoid excessive heat applications on your hair to prevent damage.
  • Dry your hair by using soft towel, or by using hair dryer. Otherwise, you must blow dry your hair before going for hair straightening. Wet hair is very delicate and may also break easily.
  • After hair straightening is done, you must apply hair spray to keep the hair straight for a long time.
  • Once the hair straightening is done by using hair iron, you can apply straightening serum or a heat protecting spray. This will help you keep your hair straight anywhere between two to four days. After washing your hair, you may need to repeat the same process.
  • You must not brush your hair too regularly, as this would make your hair greasy.
  • Buy the shampoos and conditioner meant for getting straight hair.
  • While drying wet hair, avoid drying it upwards as this adds to excess volume.
  • Avoid tying your hair for a loner duration, as this would create a twist, which would destroy the straight look.

The steps mentioned above may help you to keep your hair straight for a longer time. But, you should always use products, which are safe for your hair, and protect you from the heat generated by the hair straightener iron.

Hair Straightener Irons - How to Keep Your Hair Straight Longer

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Hairstyles For Oblong Faces - Your Facial Structure Does Matter

So, that hairstyle you have been looking at looks really good on that celebrity, doesn't it? Do you think it would look good on you as well? We're not so sure, because you have an oblong face and that celebrity doesn't, therefore, you may not get the outcome you think you will. Many do not realize it, but the structure of one's face could really throw a good haircut off and vice versa. As we write this article, we are going to speak more about hairstyles for oblong faces.

We cannot stress just how important it is to take your face into consideration as you are looking at hairstyles. Many people do not listen to this and decide to try it out anyways only to find that they are stuck with a bad hairstyle.

\"Great Hair\"

Have you been looking into layers? Layers can make a girl look very sexy, but you need to make sure they fit you face. There are many types of styles when it comes to layers. We believe medium to long layers would be perfect for a girl that has an oblong face. By having long layers in you hair, your face will not appear as long as it really is. As for those short bob haircuts, we believe you should stay away from them, because they will make that oblong face stand out.

Hairstyles For Oblong Faces - Your Facial Structure Does Matter

Hairstyles for oblong faces can be found in many different magazines and they are also posted all over the Internet. On the Internet, you will also find "how to's" that will help you achieve the hairstyle you have been wanting. However, before you style your hair, you will first need to get it cut. There are many hairstylists out there that will be able to deliver the hairstyle that is suitable for your facial structure. As a reminder, don't forget just how important your facial structure is when it comes to your hair.

Hairstyles For Oblong Faces - Your Facial Structure Does Matter

Marsudi Suwarnaadi is a hairstylist. His blog offers listings of hair care tips & haircut ideas. For more info, please visit his Hairstyles and Face Shapes Tips.

The Cost of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be added to your own natural hair to add length, volume, and body. They can also be an easy, non-chemical way to add highlights or lowlights. Hair extensions can be a one-night change or one that lasts six months.

How much do hair extensions cost? The price can vary widely, depending on type of hair and method used. Synthetic hair costs much less than human hair. Raw or virgin (untreated) human hair costs more than other types of human hair. For now, though, we will focus on hair extension prices for different methods.

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The Cost of Hair Extensions

Clip-on hair extensions are a temporary solution, and their price reflects that. Hair Replacement Centers offer clip-ons from .50 to 9 for a kit.

Hot Fusion or Bonding

In this method, extensions are hot glued to your natural hair. This is the traditional method, and it costs around 0.

Cold Fusion

This is a new technology that is meant to be gentle on the hair. It costs from ,500 to ,500.


In this method, hair extensions are braided into the natural hair. This method costs around ,200.

There are salons that offer hair extension prices much less than these listed. Before buying discount hair extensions, however, make sure that the hairdresser is qualified. He or she should be a licensed cosmetologist with experience in applying hair extensions. Many hair extension companies offer certifications in hair extension application. Find out if your hairdresser is certified. Do not choose a hairdresser based solely on price -- the cost to your hair could be too great.

The Cost of Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Info provides detailed information about human, fusion, clip-on, and wholesale hair extensions, as well as hair extension sales, prices, and more. Hair Extensions Info is the sister site of Salon Equipment Web.

What are Fusion Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions can be attached to your head in many different ways, including gluing, tubing, sewing, and clipping on. Different methods have different advantages. The method you choose will depend on many factors: your hair, your lifestyle, your budget, and your needs, for starters. If you are looking for a long-lasting, natural-looking hair extension, though, consider one of the fusion methods.

Fusion is generally the preferred method as fused hair extensions can last up to three to six months with skilled application and proper care. With fusion hair extensions, the extensions should be indistinguishable from your natural hair. If properly applied, the attachment site should be virtually invisible.

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Fusion hair extensions can be applied in different ways: hot or cold fusion. Hot fusion or bonding uses hot glue to attach extensions to your hair. This is the more traditional method. While it does have many happy followers, others say that the glue causes the extensions to feel stiff and unnatural. These extensions can last up to 4 months.

What are Fusion Hair Extensions?

Cold fusion is a new method, and is meant to be gentle for the hair. This method uses a keratin-based polymer to attach extensions to the root. As this method uses no heat, it is good for fine or thin hair. The polymer offers more flexibility than hot-glue, and results in more natural-feeling hair. For cold fusion hair extensions, many hairdressers use SoCap extensions and a clear bond. These extensions can last up to six months.

Fusion hair extensions are more expensive than other methods. If you want long-lasting, natural-looking luscious hair, they just might be the extensions for you.

What are Fusion Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions Info provides detailed information about human, fusion, clip-on, and wholesale hair extensions, as well as hair extension sales, prices, and more. Hair Extensions Info is the sister site of Salon Equipment Web.

Shag Past and Present - History of This Great Hair Style

The shag hairstyle is a youthful cut where you have short and layered hair. Mostly hair is layered at the crown of the head rather than below. As an option you could add bangs to the cut which you should be able to push off your face. The look should allow you to tuck hair behind your ears and keep them in place with barrettes. Today's shag could be a variation with more layers towards the bottom of the cut or longer length.

In recent years, the most outstanding and noticed shag hairstyle was Meg Ryan's in IQ. The flirty short shaggy bobs were a variation which really motivated a number of us youngsters waiting at our stylists with her picture, queuing up for a similar look. Though it may look real neat and trendy, you need a stylist with 'shear magic and eye for styling' to get you the right look. He should know exactly where to layer your hair depending in your face and features; where to thin out thick hair and give volume to thin hair. A shag hairstyle is the most versatile haircut giving you the option to style it in two to three different ways! You could add bangs on one side, both sides, keep it long or short, keep it messy, styled or carefree and the best is you can manage them at home without the need to buy every styling product in the market.

\"Great Hair\"

Paul McGregor had invented the Shag hairstyle and gave it to Jane Fonda in the movie Klute . Farrah Fawcett wore it in the famous Charlie's angels television show and it became a phenomenon of sorts. Shag is the classic hairstyle of the '70s and considered one of the 'coolest' as it was worn by the heart throbs of that time. David Bowie, Rod Stewart, everybody who was anybody had the shag hairstyle. During the '80s, adaptations of the shag hairstyle were worn by the heavy metal rock bands who wore their hair in long shag cuts. The shag hair style was the ultimate unisex style and women and men were both wearing it with élan.

Shag Past and Present - History of This Great Hair Style

Another theory suggests that in the 1960's men had begun wearing their hair long after the hairstyle Process brought in the 1920s by the African Americans. In the 1970s when hairstyles were changing and the process style was fading, men were habituated to wearingh their hair long. So, in the 80s, they let their hair grow at the back of the head while keeping them shorter at the top. This was the first form of the shag hairstyle worn by men which was soon adapted into various styles.

The 70s was an era of the youth, the end of the Vietnam War added in making it the turning point for them. Platform shoes, disco dancing and the Beegees; this new found youth was perhaps the reason for the emergence of this carefree, youthful and messy hairstyle- the Shag hairstyle.

Shag Past and Present - History of This Great Hair Style

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Easy DIY Updos For Everyday Style

An updo is simply arranging the hair in a bun or a pony tail instead of letting it hang freely around the face.  These days updos are no longer the formal stiff looking buns and knots that women used to fashion during proms, weddings or other formal occasion.  Instead modern updos are more soft, sexy and feminine.  Modern updos can now be done quickly and can be worn during any occasion, making an easy DIY updo accessible to any woman.

For the modern woman an updo is not just a fashion statement, it is a must.  Mothers and career women feel that they can move around more freely when not constricted by long hair.  The updo is not just for straight haired women, they are also for the curly haired.  Doing your hair does not have to necessarily mean an expensive trip to the hair salon or the stylists'.  It can be done cheaply and in a short time right in your own home. 

\"Great Hair\"

For the most basic updo, you can just tie your hair in a pony tail and be done with it.  Another way to do a basic updo is to gather your hair in one hand and raise it behind your neck.  Pull your hair into a twist and secure the twisted hair with hair pins or those specially designed hair-claws.  Let the ends hang freely.  To add more style, pull some hair out from the side of your face and let them frame your face.  By allowing some wisps of your hair to fall freely, your updo is softer and more feminine.  You don't have to worry about your hair being messy despite the clips and hair pins.  Most celebrities wear their updos in this messy style.  This casual hairstyle can be worn not only at home or at work but can be worn during any event. 

Easy DIY Updos For Everyday Style

For my personal updo, which I wear everyday at home and when I go out.  I wash my hair and apply conditioner.  I towel dry my hair and if I don't need to go out I don't use blow dryers instead opting to have my hair dry naturally.  When my hair is finally dry I put on some leave on conditioner or hair gloss.  Since I have black hair these products will make my hair shinier.  I put on a head band to keep the hair out of my eyes.  I usually choose those elastic kinds with colorful patterns.  After I secure my head band, I gather the rest of my hair at the back of my neck and depending on my mood I usually secure my hair low, just at my nape, or when I am going out for a night in town with my friends or have to go to a business meeting I secure it in a pony tail high on my head.  My hair is shoulder length so instead of finishing the pony tail, and pulling the hair out all the way out the scrunchie, I let a small bun form and arrange the hair I have pulled out to cover the bun and scrunchie.  This style is casual and messy but it can be worn to formal occasions too. 

The updo is a very versatile hairstyle, so you can personalize it to suit your needs, mood or the event you have to attend.  You can try accessorizing your updo with barrettes, hair clips or bobby pins.  You can also try curling those loose tendrils with a curling iron if you have straight hair to add variety and style to your updo.  A casual messy updo is the best look for any occasion. It is easy and fun to do.  This look is easy on the budget too.

Easy DIY Updos For Everyday Style

There are many other ways of doing updos. So do not be afraid to experiment and try out new styles. An updo style is out there waiting for you to try out. Get more great Hair Updo Ideas at http://www.HairUpdosBlog.com

10 Definite Don'ts of Great Hair Care

If the amount of money consumers spend on hair care products annually is any indication, most people are concerned about the appearance of their hair and strive to attain beautiful, healthy and stylish locks. In fact, most will go to any lengths to achieve their desired look. From professional salon treatments to over-the-counter serums, hair care is a big business.

The only problem is that while many people are buying the correct products for their hair, they forget to follow basic care regimens that will guarantee the health and beauty of their tresses. Additionally, many are also causing needless damage to their hair by participating in unhealthy hair care behavior.

\"Great Hair\"

So, what should you do to make sure that your locks stay healthy, shiny and strong? To avoid all disasters, follow these 10 absolute don'ts of great hair care.

10 Definite Don'ts of Great Hair Care

Hair care don'ts

1. Avoid unprofessional and over-the-counter products whenever you can. Many of these only offer false hopes and promises.

2. Do not cut your own bangs. Leave all of your cutting needs, even bangs, to the professionals.

3. Avoid excessive sun, chlorine and salt water during the summer months. Excessive exposure can cause severe damage that is irreversible even if you use the best products.

4. Do not use clarifying hair products on your tresses more than one time per week. They can strip hair of moisture and essential oils.

5. Do not visit a salon without first getting a referral from someone you can trust. Choosing a salon based on an advertisement or sale alone is very risky.

6. Do not purchase hair color that comes in a box.

7. Never stick with an outdated look because you are afraid of looking different. Styles change for a reason. Ask your hair care professional to bring you into this decade with a new style.

8. Do not straighten your hair with a clothes iron. C'mon, this was so over in the 70s. We have straightening irons that won't damage your hair for this now. Look in the hair care isle.

9. Don't brush your hair or put too much tension on it while it is still wet. This will cause breakage. Also, do not wear tight styles such as corn rows for extended periods of time unless you have ethnic hair.

10. Never use sun-lightening products such as lemon juice or over-the-counter products designed to lighten hair with the sun unless you want a very short hair cut in the future.

In the end, caring for your hair is a very individualized and personal thing. Feel free to add your own flair and style to your routine, but remember to include hair care principles that will benefit your hair and avoid those that damage it.

10 Definite Don'ts of Great Hair Care

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