Going Gray and Looking Great

You've made the big decision to stop getting your hair dyed and will go gray. Lots of women are doing the same thing. Silver is in! The question becomes what do I do with my hair during the awkward growing-in-stage? Then how can I avoid looking washed-out and dull like some of the women you've seen with gray hair.

First of all, deciding to go gray is a very bold decision. You're making the statement that you're very confident and that you're proud of your looks. Going gray is trendy and even stylish if you do it the right way.

\"Great Hair\"

OK, How Do I Do It?

Going Gray and Looking Great

Do it Gradually Don't give up your dye job until your roots are at least 50% gray so that your new gray hair looks symmetrical and natural as it is growing in. You don't want to totally give up coloring your hair during this awkward stage. Colorists suggest that working in some highlights or lowlights will add dimension and blend in the roots.

Think about a new hairstyle. Having your hair cut above the collar will lessen the contrast between the gray hair and the highlighted hair. Having it cut in layers also helps camouflage the multiple colors. It also gives you a more youthful appearance. In order to avoid looking like grandma, make sure you have a contemporary hairstyle. Have your hairstylist suggest a layered cut above the shoulders that would softly frame your face.

Use products that are specifically for gray hair. When your hair turns gray the protective layer becomes thin which can leave your hair coarse. Colorists recommend the following to keep your hair looking healthy:

Use a moisturizing shampoo to soften and smooth the hair.

Wash your hair once a week with a shampoo made specifically for gray hair. It helps counteract yellowing that the sun and hard water can cause.

Use a clear gloss or glaze once a month for shine.

Use clear gels and mousses. Colored products will tarnish gray hair.

OK, now you have gray hair. How do I avoid looking washed-out and dull like some of the other ladies that I've seen with gray hair?

Gray Hair Color Tips to Look Young and Vibrant

Choose a laminating, moisturizing foundation. Apply powder only where you really need it. Too much powder can settle in the creases and fine lines on your face making them look more obvious.

Wear blush! It makes your complexion more vibrant. Makeup artists suggest a light English rose for fair skin and a bright peony for medium or olive skin. Sweep the blush onto the apples of the check feathering it out towards the hairline.

Use a lipliner. As we age the lips thin out and lose some of the natural rosiness. Restore the contour by tracing your lips with a nude lip liner before applying your gloss or lipstick.

Choose a rich lipstick. Colorists suggest juicy-looking colors in pink, berry, peach or apricot tones. Stay away from nudes and browns which tend to look muddy. The best color for you is a few shades more intense than your natural lip color.

Eye Makeup
Brighten up your eyes by applying a linen-colored eye shadow onto your lids as the color reflects light. Then use a cream eyeliner and smudge it slightly. Black liner and gray hair tends to be a stark contrast. You'll be better off with the the softer grayish shades. If you have straight eyelashes, curl them and then apply two coats of mascara. Use a lash primer before the mascara if your eyelashes are sparse. It primes and coats the lash which makes them look thicker. Using black mascara can look a little harsh as we age. Try using brown or navy. Apply the mascara outward and up at the same time.

Pay attention to your eyebrows. Use a pencil to fill in the sparse areas. Colorists suggest a light to medium taupe shade for fair and light eyebrows. For olive or dark complexions, choose a deep, cool brown. For gray or salt and pepper brows, a bluish gray pencil works best.

Follow these tips for going gray and looking great whether you have gray highlights or a full head of pure white gray hair. Look healthy, young and vibrant!

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Going Gray and Looking Great

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Is Your Hair Falling Out Excessively? Remedies For Female Hair Loss

Is your hair falling out excessively? Remedies for female hair loss

It is estimated that twenty-five million women in America alone suffer from hair loss or female pattern baldness. Although on the surface female hair-loss may resemble male pattern baldness, it is actually quite different structurally. Women lose their hair for many reasons, including genetics, hormones, and even stress. So, what do you do if you find yourself in this same situation? Here are a few tips to keep the hair that you have, and to help re-grow the hair that you have lost:

\"Great Hair\"

1. Massage your scalp often.

Is Your Hair Falling Out Excessively? Remedies For Female Hair Loss

Anytime that you shampoo your hair you should use scalp friendly, non-drying shampoo that clarifies and frees your hair of residue buildup. Take an extra couple of minutes to massage your scalp while in the shower or bath. You can also use warm olive oil, or oil specifically designed for scalp use. The massage will stimulate the hair follicles, promoting hair growth.

2. Keep your hair free.

A symptom of hair loss is fragile hair, so you need to keep your hair free from chemicals or high heat. Also, you should trim your hair often, and use styling products sparingly. Try to cut your hair where you are able to wear it down. Barrettes and ponytail holders can cause significant damage even to healthy hair.

3. Use a professional hair growth formula.

There are many great hair growth products on the market, but many of them are formulated specifically for male pattern baldness. One product that is formulated for women is Provillus by Provillus Corporation. Provillus is a food supplement that nourishes the scalp to stimulate and reactivate hair follicles. One of the main causes of hair loss in women is a hormone called DHT (dihydrotestostrone.) Provillus acts as a DHT suppressant, thereby reducing hair loss.

Is Your Hair Falling Out Excessively? Remedies For Female Hair Loss

If you are a woman looking for a cure for your hair loss, I highly recommend you try out Provillus for women. Provillus is the only topical and dietary supplement approved by the FDA to regrow hair for women. Check out my personal review of it here: [http://www.hairloss4women.com/provillus-for-women-review/]

Prenatal Vitamins and Hair Growth

There have been isolated reports of pregnant women who, while taking prenatal vitamins, have noticed an increase in their hair growth and thickness. However, there are still no formal scientific studies to confirm that this is actually the case. How is hair growth connected to taking prenatal vitamins? What makes up prenatal vitamins?

Because of the specialized needs of pregnant women, prenatal vitamins differ from a typical multivitamin by having elevated amounts of calcium, iron, and folic acid. These three vitamins are particularly needed by pregnant women. Folic acid has been shown to prevent spina bifida, a birth defect affecting the neural tube, which eventually evolves into the central nervous system of a normal human body. Pregnant women need more calcium because they need stronger bones to be able to carry the baby full-term. They also need more iron in the body because during pregnancy, it helps the body make new blood to carry nutrients and oxygen to the baby.


So how do they affect hair growth?

Prenatal Vitamins and Hair Growth

Folic acid in particular is one of the main components of many hair growth formulas as it helps in the formation of new cells. It is one of the many B-complex vitamins and speeds up production of fresh cells in order to replace the old ones. Aside from preventing birth defects, folic acid can cause the hair to grow faster and the strands to become thicker.

The jury is still out on whether prenatal vitamins really contribute to making hair grow faster. It is an advantageous side effect though because pregnant women tend to lose hair approximately three months after delivery due to the body's hormonal changes.

If you do want to make your hair grow faster during and after pregnancy, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain flavonoids. They are antioxidants that may encourage hair growth and protect the hair follicles as well. Use shampoos and conditioners that contain silica and biotin. Also, make sure that your diet has enough supplements of Vitamin E, inositol, biotin, Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, and coenzyme Q10.

Prenatal Vitamins and Hair Growth

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Ingrown Hair - Seven Causes & Eight Effects

Ingrown hair is a common problem for men and women. Use this list to easily identify the causes and effects of ingrown hair so you can make an educated decision on how to deal with this painful problem.


\"Great Hair\"

  1. Skin suffering from lack of moisture
  2. Stiff beard hair
  3. Embedded oil in the hair follicles
  4. Build up of dead skin cells in the pores and on the surface of the skin can cause ingrown hairs - some are more prone to this than others due to genetics
  5. Coarse curly hair growing in a curved hair follicle
  6. Improper shaving technique with a blade such as too close a shave
  7. Hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis, often irritate the hair follicle. Dead cells can accumulate at the site of the irritation and form papule which can also contain pus while the skin heals. While this process continues any hair in the area can get trapped under the formation and is prevented from exiting the skin properly. Ingrown hair is the result.


Ingrown Hair - Seven Causes & Eight Effects

  1. Constant tenderness
  2. Trapped hairs cause inflammation which result in the body forming papule - a small, raised, abnormality on the skin commonly known as a bump giving rise to the term 'razor bumps'
  3. The body can also respond by producing a pustule - a blister on the skin containing pus
  4. An infected pustule can become ruptured resulting in bleeding
  5. Itching
  6. Tingling
  7. Pain - mild or severe
  8. Hard, prominent, irregular scar tissue in the skin in chronic cases

Additional Advice: If you carry out skin exfoliation regularly with a loofah or mesh sponge after waxing or shaving, you'll take off the thin layer of skin that's trapping the hairs and set them free.

Wet the loofah and squeeze to soften if preferred, then gently massage the skin, especially dry, rough areas.

Do not use the loofah on broken skin. Some beauty advisors believe using a loofah once a week for skin exfoliation is enough to keep the area exfoliated. Exfoliating too much will dry the skin and leave it sensitive and susceptible to ingrown hair.

Ingrown Hair - Seven Causes & Eight Effects

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360 Hair Waves

For years and years, a hair style known simply as 360 waves or waves has been revolutionizing the African American community. But where did 360 hair waves originate? Who were the first people to don the style? Why are they so popular now?

The first people to sport waves are unknown. The style became increasingly popular in the late 70's and 80's. Hair waves have a been popular style for African American people since the 1800s. Other cultures that also don waves are Native Americans and Hispanics due to the natural waviness of their hair.

\"Great Hair\"

Waves have become increasingly popular once again due to the hip hop era. Famous rappers and athletes have chosen to sport them as their hairstyle of choice. Well known wavers include Fabolous, 50 Cent, P Diddy, Akon, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Quentin Richardson, and Joe Johnson.

360 Hair Waves

The beginning steps to getting great deep waves are simple. First you have to get a fresh hair cut. Its just easier to start from a new cut than to try to untangle a head full of hair into waves. The second step involves planning how you are going to moisturize your scalp and soften your hair. There is information available on this if you are not sure what type of moisturizers you should use for this.

The final step is to brush! Brushing your hair down is the only way to get waves. Depending on how soft you get your hair and what products you use your waves should get the way you want them in no time and you too can sport the classic classy 360 waves in your hair.

360 Hair Waves

Learn the best ways to get 360 waves in your hair Just check out 360waves.org.

Brazilian Hair Weaving

Brazilian hair is real human having a nice soft texture. It's not as like other ordinary human hair weaving available in retail hair shops. Actually ordinary hair weaving can't be treated as natural human hairs and thus sometimes they get out of control. But this is not the case in Brazilian Hair Weaving.

You can dryer them, straight them, style them any way or color them and even swim with them on. Then also they will remain as natural and as soft as ever before. And that's why they can be used many times then other types of weaves.

\"Great Hair\"

Now some Information on the Procedure:

Brazilian Hair Weaving

Person's hair is braided on his own scalp either horizontally or vertically. Weave-pieces are sewed over the cornrow with thick thread. And because of thick thread, Brazilian hair weaving stays firmly for a longer period. Number of weave pieces and braided cornrows depends on how heavy hairstyle one wants to have. Brazilian Hair Weaving takes about 4 to 5 hours to put them on.

Next, your whole head is weaved by braiding all hairs and then sewing the Brazilian Weave on top of the braids. There is no need to mix your own hair with the weave hair. Rather you will only able to see the weaves and not the braids. Now, with this weaves, you can make either bangs, a parted bang on the side or layers in front and anything you wants.

Taking care of Brazilian Hairdo:

Use a good shampoo and conditioner that you use for your own natural hairs. But wash your hair only once in a week or two. Massage gently with the top of your fingers with shampoo between the rows of the Brazilian weave hair. Rinse it out with a lot of water and repeat twice. After doing shampoo, most important thing is to BLOW Dry your hair as it can smell a lot, if remains moist or wet.

Brazilian Hair Weaving



Natural Hair Color

'Dye' your hair naturally, with no chemicals, no lead, no artificial dyes. Commercially available Hair Coloring uses chemicals that remove, replace, or enhance the natural pigments in the hair shaft. There are many adverse effects that can result from their use.

- skin irritation, itching, burning, irritation, redness, discomfort
- allergies to the chemicals like PPD (p-Phenylenediamine)
- hair breakage or weakening, over-processing
- skin discoloration or drying
- unpredictable coloring (mostly with at home dyes)


As well as the undesirable effects listed above, there are more serious health concerns that are potential problems from chemical hair colorants. While there is some debate as to the reality of the problems from hair coloring, the risk simply does not need to be taken.

Natural Hair Color

There are publications regarding the dangers of hair dyes including:

- An FDA study that found lead acetate in many dyes to be toxic.
- Articles that refer to the development of some forms of cancer including leukemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, bladder cancer, blood cancer, and multiple myeloma as a result of hair dye usage.
- Prolonged use of permanent dark hair dyes can potentially double a person's risk of getting various types of blood cancer.
- Some experts suspect that hair bleach can kill brain cells.
- A known human carcinogen, 4-ABP, was found in some home hair dyes.

Natural hair colorants such as the plant powders Henna, Indigo, Cassia, and Amla (click on each to read more about it) can safely be used to enhance or change your hair color. They are plant powders that are mixed with lemon juice, water, and/or yogurt, in your own home, to make a paste that is applied to your hair and scalp.

Because they are natural, and do not strip the natural pigment from your hair, the color you get from these powders will depend on the color of the hair you are coloring. For instance, henna alone used on white hair will produce red, while straight henna on brown hair will result in auburn hair.

These powders are safe to use on chemically treated or dyed hair, also. They are safe to use as often as you wish. If you color your hair with these powders and get a color that is not dark enough, you can easily deepen it with another application.

It does take a few days to realize the final color of your treatment, since the color will continue to settle into the hair shaft for a couple of days, due to the oxidation process. This natural process occurs as the plant colorants are exposed to the air similar, to how a cut apple turns brown with time.

You're likely to find that most hairdressers are "anti-henna" since they have only been exposed to "compound" hennas mixed with dyes, lead acetate or other metal fixants in them. Our powders are pure leaf powders with no fixants or anything else in it. You can be assured it is the best quality and will not give poor results.

As with any product, test for allergic reactions. You should also try the paste on a small sample of hair (take hair out of your hairbrush for this) to see what the resultant color will be on your hair.


If you are using Amla, or Indigo you do not need to premix the powder with lemon juice. ONLY HENNA or CASSIA NEED TO BE MIXED WITH LEMON JUICE AND SIT OVERNIGHT. Indigo and Amla can be mixed and combined with the henna when you are ready to apply it.

Whatever combination of powders you use, follow these guidelines in mixing:

100g combined powders for short hair

200g for collar length straight hair

300g for shoulder length straight hair

500g for waist length straight hair

Please note that these are starting guidelines and your hair may need more or less.

Mix henna or cassia with enough lemon juice to make a paste with the consistency of mashed potatoes. If your skin is sensitive to lemon and is itchy after using henna, use orange juice, grapefruit juice, or a liquid that is less acidic than lemon juice.

Cover the container of paste with plastic wrap and let it rest overnight at room temperature or in a warm area. As the henna or cassia rests, the acid in the lemon juice will release the color from the plant powder. This slow, acidic release will get you the best results. If you're in a hurry, put it in a warm place, but NOT a hot place! Your henna will be ready in two hours at 95F.

Once the paste is done sitting, stir in a little more lemon juice or a fragrant tea to make the paste about as thick as yogurt. Add a little at a time to get the right consistency.

For Indigo or Amla, simply mix with enough water to make a paste the consistency of yogurt. This does not need lemon juice. Simply use warm water, adding a bit at a time so it doesn't become too thin. Once your Indigo or Amla is mixed, you can stir all your pastes together that you plan on mixing. Make sure you stir it completely so you don't get streaked hair.

You can also apply one paste first, let it sit, rinse it out, then apply another paste to your hair at a later time. If you apply the pastes at separate times, you will get deeper or darker color.

For instance, to get a very deep black hair color, you should first color your hair with henna, then color it with indigo after the henna'd hair has dried. If you don't want as deep of a black, you can simply mix the henna and indigo together and apply as a single paste.

This process can get messy, so wear gloves to avoid tattoing yourself with the paste. You can prepare smaller amounts to cover roots between full colorings. There is medical test evidence that henna is relaxing, and can soothe headaches. The paste can feel heavy on your head if you have a lot of hair.

To apply the paste to your hair, wash and dry your hair, then comb it through. You may want to section your hair for easier application. Start at the back and work the paste all the way to the scalp. Apply the paste thickly like frosting. More henna makes a richer stain and better coverage. Bring down the next section and cover that part.

Continue until all of your hair is covered, then pile all of your hair onto the top of your head and wrap with plastic wrap. Cover with an old towel if you wish, but the towel may get dyed if the paste gets onto it. Clean off any exposed skin to avoid dyeing it.

Allow the paste to sit on your hair for 2-4 hours before checking the color. If your hair is very resistant to dye, you can keep it on longer. Find a comfortable spot and rest if you wish. If you plan on moving around, make sure you wrap the hair securely, or it will start to drip or seep out of the plastic.

Finally, wash the henna mix out of your hair. Simply rinse with warm water. You can either jump in the shower or hang your head over the tub and rinse most of it out. Finish removing the paste by shampooing the last of it out. Dry and style as usual.

Your hair will probably have a distinct odor to it for a couple of days. If you dislike the smell of the paste/powder, simmer a teaspoon of lavender bud or rosemary powder in water, strain out the plant residue, and rinse your hair with lavender or rosemary tea to combat the herb-y smell. Or, you could add cinnamon to the paste before applying it.

At first, hair dyed with henna may seem coppery bright. Don't panic. This will darken during the next several days if you used an acidic mix. Body art quality henna dyes hands and feet easily, but not your ears or the nape of your neck. If you wiped off the henna, you won't see anything at all. If you didn't clean it up, the stain will fade in three days or so.

Your hair will take 3 days to settle into the true color. This is the oxidation process like when an apple browns when exposed to air. Be patient and do not panic. The coloring might be best done on a Friday night when you don't have plans for the weekend so you can let it settle before going back to work on Monday. Thicker, longer applications mean richer color. Apply henna like cake frosting. Get it down to the scalp.

This works on beards and mustaches, too.

Henna powder is ground from dried leaves of the "lawsonia inermis" plant. When mixed with a mildly acidic liquid, henna will stain skin, hair, and fingernails reddish-orange. It strengthens hair, adds shine, and is anti-fungal, helping eliminate problems like dandruff, lice and ring-worm. It strengthens the hair shaft as it colors, leaving your hair shiny, healthy, and beautif

Henna has long been used as a natural temporary tattoo. Skin is painted with henna, and left to sit for a length of time. Then, the skin carries the color in the form of a tattoo, but fades with the sloughing of skin. It is often used overseas in wedding rituals, and much more.

Indigo is among the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing. It is also a powder ground from a variety of plants, including many of the Indigofera species. It is used as a food coloring, known as FD&C Blue No. 2 in the US. The sodium salt of indigo is used as a dye in renal function testing and as a reagent in the testing of milk. When used with henna or amla it can produce a wide range of colors, resulting in the dark hues in brunette colors. It is a basic, or alkaline, paste, unlike henna, so it does not need lemon juice to activate it. It creates strength and shine along the hair shaft.

Amla comes the fruit of a deciduous tree, which is called as Emblica Officinalis. All parts of the plant are used for various ayurvedic herbal preparations, including the fruit, seed, leaves, root, bark and flowers. It is commonly used in inks, shampoos, hair oils, and for fixing dyes in fabrics. It is also taken internally for a variety of reasons.

Used with henna and indigo, it creates a softer brown. It is probably nature's best hair conditioner. Use the paste weekly to protect, strengthen, and create shine on your hair. It can also be made into an oil and applied to the hair daily. It has a smell like raw cranberries and tree bark. Amla enhances waves and curls, but can also be used on skin as a mask to tighten and firm skin.

TO USE: after the henna sits overnight, mix in the amla (1/3 to 1/2 the amount of henna that you used to start) into it, then add water to make the mixture yogurt consistency. Complete the process as listed above.

Cassia is an excellent conditioner for any hair, regardless of color. Cassia is a green leaf powder that smells strongly like mown grass when mixed with water. It is alkaline like Indigo, and does not require lemon juice to activate the color molecule.

It makes hair glossy and thick, shiny, silky and strong - even damaged or bleached hair. Cassia has a golden yellow dye molecule. It will not alter the color of dark or red hair, but will make gray or blond hair turn golden. You can mix it with any other powder combination, or alone, with equally fantastic effects. The conditioning effects last for about a month. Mix cassia and henna to make shades of blond, strawberry blond and coppery red.

These plant powders work great and give you beautiful hair without worrying about chemicals and the after effects. Try it yourself, and you will be glad you did.

Natural Hair Color

Pam Keller

B.S. Microbiology/Chemistry


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Hair Growth Shampoo for Women

Around twenty five percent of people will have some kind of hair loss issue in their lifetime. Hair loss can be caused by many different things it does seem like the number is slowly increasing. There are many different treatments for hair loss, some are natural where as some are artificial and others are a hybrid of both. Some of the products help your hair externally where as some are digested and help your hair from within. Hair growth shampoo helps by delivering certain hair growth ingredients topically.

Health Starts From Within


The same type of food that is considered diet food is also very good for the production and development of your hair. The goes for males and females but today we are going to focus specifically on the ladies. Diet plays a very big role in hair health so if you eat a diet composed of fried foods your hair will most likely be brittle and break easily.

Hair Growth Shampoo for Women

Omega oils are also important in your diet, they promote healthy joints and hair growth. People who lack these healthy fats develop arthritis faster and their hair generally grows slower. Iron is also something that is key in hair development. Women generally have low iron levels after childbirth which can lead to hair loss and breakage.

Eating foods like red meat, lentils and poultry can raise your iron levels. When you fry foods it lowers their nutritional value so try to eat food that is fresh and grilled if at all possible. Vitamin B-12 is one of the keys to feminine hair loss. You can find it in foods like shellfish, milk and eggs. Your hair has to have vitamin B-12 to be healthy.

Many women suffer from the lack of healthy B12 levels one this is treated their hair usually becomes healthy in as little as a few months. So if you are having problems with hair loss this will stop it and encourage new hair growth. Vitamin B7 is also a key player in hair loss. It helps grow new follicles by making the scalp as healthy as possible.

You can find biotin in your every day diet in foods like peanuts, liver and raw egg yolks. The egg white counter acts the effects of the biotin so if you want to obtain B7 like that make sure you only ingest the yolk. The most common way to get biotin in your system is with hair vitamins or by taking a biotin supplement. The recommended daily dose of biotin an adult should in take is right around 600mcg's a day.

Another great supplement to add to the list is zinc oxide which helps balance out hormone levels which can lead to premature hair loss. The average adult should ingest about 20mg of zinc oxide a day. Folic acid is also very important in hair growth it is also know as Vitamin B9 or Bc. It helps make your scalp more healthy and inhibits new hair growth in combination with B12.

Natural Plants That Help with Hair Growth

A groups of herbs that are great for hair growth are know as a botanical blend called trichogen. Trichogen was developed in Europe it is basically a botanical blend of 18 different herbs that when mixed together help put your hair back into a healthy growth phase. When hair becomes healthy it will grow stronger and faster. When the follicle is at its healthiest is when you are going to see the most progress. This may not be able to stop hair fall completely but it can drastically slow it down.

Hair growth can be affected during menopause by HRT which is also know as hormone replacement therapy. This is where neutral hormones are put back into a womens body to regulate her level. This can effect hair growth, if the levels are too low the hair will grow slowly and be weak so having correct levels are very important. A good natural replacement is green tea the antioxidants help balance out testosterone and other hormones.

There are many other things said to work for hair growth, wether they do or not is really up to the person who uses them. Everyone is different for one person licorice extract may lead to new growth depending on why the hair was not growing before. For others it may not due anything because the hair loss is due to stress not lack of certain vitamins or minerals.

Reasons to Care About Your Hair

There are certain hair products that are more prone to damage your hair, this is a clear cut fact. Damaging products can cause things like weak hair and thin hair. The hair thins because the bulb that holds it in place deteriorates causing the hair to simply fall out. If you are having trouble with thinning hair using a color treatment or chemical treatment is a huge gamble. Most of the time it won't due any damage, but every once in a while it will cause your hair to fall out in large patches. This is caused because your scalp gets irritated and swells causing the follicle to die and fall out.

Hair Growth Shampoo for Women

A good hair growth shampoo will make your hair feel soft and healthy while promoting new hair growth.

Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Fact: There is no sure-fire way to prevent all hair loss. However, some methods that have been used work on some people. Here are some suggestions for natural remedies to hair loss. Massage Massaging the scalp in general for a couple of minutes a day can stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and in mild cases stimulate some hair growth in minor cases of temporary hair loss. There are several electric massagers on the market that have an attachment for scalp massaging as well. An oriental method called Qi Gong (pronounced Chi Kung) has been used to increase circulation to the scalp and face also. Aromatherapy A blend of six drops each of lavender and bay essential oils in a base of four ounces of either almond, soybean or sesame oil massaged into the scalp and allowed to sit for 20 minutes has been used by aroma therapists to stimulate the scalp. Saw Palmetto Extract There is a definite connection between the prostate and hair loss for men. Saw Palmetto has been found to work in fighting benign prostatic disease by lowering levels of DHT, which is a known cause of androgenetic alopecia. Saw Palmetto extract is an effective anti-androgen and shows promise as an effective treatment for hair loss prevention. More information on Saw Palmetto for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Women on oral contraceptives or hormone therapy should not take Saw Palmetto. Nettle Root Extract Nettles are rich in vitamins A and C, several key minerals and lipids that can be beneficial to the hair. Nettle Root Extract has been used successfully in Europe as an inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase in treating BPH. Rosemary and Sage Rosemary and sage are two herbs that have shown benefit traditionally when used externally. Boil together in water rosemary, sage, peach leaf, nettle and burdock. Then strain the loose herbs from the liquid and use the liquid to wash the hair daily. Jojoba Oil If you are predisposed to seborrhea, eczema, psoriasis, or dandruff, you could consider using jojoba oil. Mexicans and southwestern Native American nations have used jojoba oil traditionally for centuries to promote hair growth and the control of dandruff. Jojoba oil is great for hypoallergenic skin because it is a great moisturizer and mimics the scalp's own sebum. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera has been used by Native Americans, Indians and many in the Caribbean to promote healthy hair and prevent hair loss. Aloe's can help the scalp by healing it and balancing the pH level of the scalp while cleansing the pores. A common preparation of Aloe Vera gel with a small amount of wheat germ oil and coconut milk is used as a shampoo and has traditionally shown great benefit. Henna Henna is a traditional Indian herb that acts as a natural conditioner and is excellent for the maintenance of healthy hair. It can help heal the hair shaft by repairing and sealing the cuticle, protecting hair against breakage and loss of shine. Polysorbate-80 Polysorbate-80 is an FDA approved surfactant that is also approved as a food additive. Although not proven, Polysorbate-80 is said to remove deposits of DHT and cholesterol from the scalp. Polysorbate-80 is being recommended by some naturopathic practitioners as an application for the scalp approximately 15 minutes prior to shampooing. Cleansing and Detoxification Cleansing should be a major part of your regimen to maintain and grow hair. Many scalp related diseases are directly the result of toxemia, while toxins in the body adversely affecting the body's systems indirectly affect other conditions. Cleansing can be performed through oral means regularly and occasionally by enema or colonic irrigation. More remedies for detoxification Psyllium husk Fiber is vital to cleansing, and most North American diets are deficient in natural fiber. Psyllium husk is a bulking laxative agent that can be used to safely move waste through the colon. Psyllium is a very good substance as it gently scrubs the walls of the colon to remove waste that is stuck to the walls.

Exercise Finally, although exercise does absolutely nothing directly to grow hair, most holistic practitioners recommend it. Exercising can improve blood flow, the delivery of oxygen to the cells of the body, and help the digestion of foods, all things that aid the health of hair follicles. Disclaimer: The advice here is not presented from a medical practitioner. Any and all dietary and medical planning should be made under the guidance of your own medical and health practitioners. This information does not replace medical advice from a professional physician.



Natural Hair Loss Remedies

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Natural Hair Loss Remedies


Priya Shah is the Editor of The Glutathione Report, a newsletter featuring regular updates on the health benefits of glutathione. For a comprehensive report on hair loss, see Hair Loss Prevention Secrets.

Hair Extensions For Fine Or Thin Hair

What type of hair extensions should you get?

When you first start thinking of getting hair extensions, you may be very overwhelmed by all the different methods available today and how each one is designed for a particular type of hair. Researching all the different methods is very important and the quality of your research may directly relate to whether your hair extensions will be good or bad.


Below is a Letter to the Editor asking about specific hair extension methods for fine/thin hair.

Hair Extensions For Fine Or Thin Hair


Hello. I am interested in getting hair extensions, but I am a little concerned about what they can do to your hair. I am only a teen but i have thin/fine hair that is a little damaged from blow-drying and frequent use of the flat iron. I want to know if hair extensions could ruin my hair and if it is a bad idea to get them? I do not want cause any further damage or like permanently ruin my hair. Write back with any solutions or advice if possible. Thanks.


I am not a professional cosmetologist, so I cannot give you a professional opinion. However, I have done extensive research on hair extensions and I can share with you some information that I have learned.Human hair extensions are very heavy, and if attached to hair that is damaged, they can result in permanent hair loss. The extensions can pull out your natural hair because of the extra weight of the human hair and the damaged condition of your natural hair. Synthetic hair extensions weigh about 1/3 the weight of human hair and may be more suitable for your situation.You can do a stress test on your hair yourself to see how damaged it is. Take one strand of hair and pull it. If it comes out very easily, then your hair may not be suitable for extensions. If you have to pull it pretty hard, then your hair may be okay. There are several hair extension methods that have been developed specifically for fine and thin hair. You can research the methods at our Hair Extension Resource Center.If you really want to get hair extensions, perhaps the best place to start is schedule several hair extension consulations at different salons near you. Get different opinions about how damaged your hair really is and whether it could support hair extensions. See our free resources on preparing for the consultation at www.hrhairextensions.com

Hair Extensions For Fine Or Thin Hair

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Hair Loss: Biotin is Food for Your Hair

Biotin plays a significant part in the prevention of hair loss. Most nutritionists agree that biotin is one of the important vitamins for supporting hair growth. It is also commonly advised to take biotin to supplement medical treatments such Minoxidil or Propecia.

A deficiency of biotin may cause hair to become frail and unhealthy, and hair breakage, which may result in hair loss. Biotin also keeps your skin and nails healthy as well as being an important element of new hair growth.
Supplements are sometimes needed to return biotin levels to normal, but it is recommended to include biotin regularly in your diet. Two foods containing good quantities of biotin are liver and egg yolks. You would have to eat thousands of calories worth daily to get enough for your hair needs, which is why I would also suggest biotin supplements.


Foods full of biotin include brewer's yeast, green peas, oats, soybeans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, green peas, bulgur and brown rice. In terms of the egg yolks, your body's ability to digest and assimilate biotin decreases with high intake levels of protein. Biotin binds easily to proteins, making it unavailable to your body, which in turn causes biotin deficiency and hair loss. Try to steer clear of raw eggs in your diet, and cut down on protein powders and bars. Use one of the many shampoos that contain biotin and silica.

Hair Loss: Biotin is Food for Your Hair

Additionally, those with type A blood don't have the ability to fully absorb B vitamins. Biotin is classified as a Vitamin B, so if you have Type A blood, adding higher doses of 5-8 grams twice daily will be needed to help prevent hair loss. At this time, there are no known side effects at this dosage level.

People suffering from heartburn, acid reflux, or GERD and who are taking antacids may absorb biotin less and hair loss may occur as a result. Therefore watch your use of over-the-counter antacids if you are worried about hair loss.

Hair Loss: Biotin is Food for Your Hair

Ms Boulay writes for Groominguy.com, where you read about home dermabrasion kits, and home hair removal methods [http://www.groominguy.com/home-hair-removal.php].

How to Remove Dye From Hair

How to remove dye from hair which is designed to ... well, dye, change the color of, alter stuff. And it does it - very well.

Trouble comes when it gets on places you don't want it - like your face, or clothes, or carpet.


Or you decide that the color 'to die for' just did.

How to Remove Dye From Hair

There are some commercial products to remove dye from hair, and a few home potions and processes.

Color Fix by Jheri Redding is designed to remove unwanted permant hair color, and controlled usage allows color correction to specific areas, either full or slight color corrections.

Loreal Color Zap gently washes away all permanent haircolor. Ideal for color correction, removal of dark shades, muddy, uneven results or color build up. Leaves hair ready for immediate re-coloring. Loreal Effasol Color Remover washes away permanent haircolor, leaving hair ready for recoloring. Can be used with water or developer.

Jerome Rusell's Punky Color Punk Off is an easy to use gel that will cleanse your skin from hair dye stains.

Roux Clean Touch is a gentle formula that removes haircolor from skin and scalp. Removes excess color from hair ends and assists in removing stains from clothing.

Home remedies include this one:

Hot Oil treatments, hairspray, shampooing and exposure to water will gradually fade hair dye.

To remove the last bit of residue or stain on the hair (or to get color out immediately) make up a small batch of bleach mixture and add it to 2 tablespoons or so of shampoo in a cup. Stir it up.

Shampoo your hair with this mixture, "kneading" the hair. Start at the roots and work your way down to the end, and then back up.

You should see the color disappear right before your eyes.

Black hair dye is a special case.

It's very hard to remove black hair dye from your hair completely, especially if it's permanent. Better to let it grow out and not bleach it. Bleaching with chemicals damages the hair it may make it so stretchy and thin that it comes out in your comb.

Likewise if black hair dye stains skin or fabric. The best way is to prevent it from staining in the first place by applying Vaseline around the hairline before dyeing.

If black hair dye stains fabric then using detergent and water quickly is a good idea - otherwise dry cleaning may be required.

Black hair dye stains can also be removed by rubbing cigarette ash over the stained skin, dipping milk in cotton balls and rubbing over the stained area, rubbing on WD-40 or even nail polish remover or hair spray.

How to Remove Dye From Hair

Jenny Drake has a healthy interest in living life to the full. Her advice and writings are available for free download at her Beauty and Fitness web site

Great Hair Care Tips with Hair Loss Shampoo

For people with hair loss, proper hair care is very important. However, not many people really know how to take good care of their hair and scalp. If you are starting to see signs of thinning hair, it is time you learn some knowledge to taking care of your hair. Let us here learn about hair loss shampoo and how it can help us with hair loss.

Shampoos are a kind of cleaning agent that contains chemical detergents and work well in cleaning dirt. There are 3 types of shampoos we can see in the market. They are either shampoo for dry hair, for normal hair, or for oily hair. Shampoos for dry hair will contain oil and as for normal or oily hair shampoo there will be no oil. It is definitely important for you to choose the right shampoo for your hair condition. Wrong use of shampoo over a period of time can cause hair loss.

\"Great Hair\"

Some hair loss are labeled acidic or pH balanced. That is because detergents in shampoos are alkaline and will cause hair to entangle easily. Hence acidic or pH balanced shampoos tried to balance the alkaline effect. Another group of shampoos are those that are medicated, and this is to help treat scalp issues such as dandruff, itchy scalp, or other conditions. However, such shampoos do not really help hair growth. They can only help treat scalp conditions and prevent temporary hair loss cause by these issues.

Great Hair Care Tips with Hair Loss Shampoo

Usually those hair loss shampoos that claimed to contain lots of substances that promote hair growth are just to make the consumers feel good. In fact, shampoos can only clean hair, they cannot really nourish hair. Nourishment for the hair can only goes through bloods vessels and into the hair, hence applying anything to the surface of the scalp will not really help much.

Using shampoo is not harmful for people with hair loss. Regular use of shampoo helps to keep the scalp and hair clean. It can help male baldness by clearing and washing away androgen on the scalp, which contributes to hair loss.

The way one use shampoo determines how much one can get out of it. The first thing you need to do it wet your hair, then pour a 20 cent drop of shampoo onto your hand. Rub it between your fingers and scrub your scalp with your hands, with moderate strength. It is not correct to pour shampoo directly on the scalp as such method will clean your hair unevenly, with some parts less cleaned than others. Then rinse off thoroughly. Take note that it is not true that using more shampoo will clean your hair better. Some shampoo can clean well even if there is very little lather produced.

So, start getting the right hair loss shampoos and clean your hair the right way. You definitely can help your hair loss issue get better with proper hair care.

Great Hair Care Tips with Hair Loss Shampoo

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Christopher Wen is the webmaster for greenHealth information site where he provides articles, news, and remedies to current health issues we faced in our everyday life. Check out his blog at http://greenhealthinformation.com.

How to Have Great Natural Hair

Your hair is your crowning glory as the saying often goes. This is one of the first things people notice about you and it can say a lot about you and who you are. You want to take great care of your hair so that it lasts you a long time and that you have a beautiful first impression to give off to those who meet you.

One of the biggest mistakes men and women both make in hair care is trying to make their hair look like someone else's. While there are many tools out there today to help you "fake it", these do a great deal of damage to the hair and can lead to split ends, hair loss, faded color, dull and lifeless hair and other problems. The real key to great hair is to take care of what you're given naturally.

\"Great Hair\"

You don't have to have expensive hair treatments or trips to the hair salon to have professional looking hair. You just need to learn how to properly take care of it at home. There are so many great things you can do to have beautiful natural looking hair and it all begins with understanding your hair.

How to Have Great Natural Hair

First, be aware that your hair is a reflection of what you are on the inside. A healthy person with a healthy diet will have fuller, shinier, healthier hair. When you eat a healthy diet full of the right nutrients and proteins, your hair will reflect this and be thicker, stronger and healthier. Your hair is 25% water so don't forget those daily glasses of H2O as well. Your hair can get thirsty, too but hydrated hair is shiny and full of gloss.

Next, you should care for your hair while washing. Here are some tips:

1. Try to avoid washing in hot water. Stick with lukewarm or even cold water if you can. Hot water opens up the strands of hair and makes them more susceptible to breakage.

2. Avoid pulling or twisting the hair too hard while washing.

3. Be sure to gently massage the scalp when you wash. This breaks up dead skin on the scalp and also encourages the hair follicles to open up and helps your hair grow. It also feels good and can be relaxing.

4. Allow your hair to air dry whenever possible instead of using hair dryers or other heating tools. Don't rub your hair with a towel; pat instead. Twistie Turbans and other absorbent towels are great for helping the hair dry naturally and without damage.

You also need to know how to care for your hair when brushing and styling, take the time to choose the right type of brush for your hair and never brush wet hair. Always use a wide toothed comb to get tangles out of wet hair. Your brush should be large enough that the hair wraps around only once. The exception is really long hair in which case you need the largest brush you can find.

Avoid sun damage to your hair by protecting it when you are out in harsh rays. Always rinse chlorine out immediately if you've been in a pool and avoid too many chemicals or styling products. When you take care of your hair, it will show in the lovely locks you have to display everywhere you go.

How to Have Great Natural Hair

Lisa Mason is a freelance writer with a specialty in Internet content and SEO articles and the author of How to Earn a Living Writing for the Internet. She has written thousands of articles, hundreds of ebooks and thousands of website pages and related content in her 10+ years as a professional writer.

She enjoys writing about writing, parenting and other things that interest her. See "100 Days to Better Article Writing" to discover how you can write more articles on the topics that you love.

Choosing the Best Hair Growth Products - Great Products For Hair Growth

There are numerous hair growth products available in the market today; choosing which one is well suited for you is actually a great challenge considering the fact that not all consumer items work best for all individuals. You need to find the one that is effective in your case; it may not be effective for other people, but in your end it can greatly improve your hair condition. Likewise, some products can also be very effective for other people but they did not show any improvement when you regularly use them.

How do you search for the excellent hair growth products that work well with you? Prior to choosing which item for you to use, you should first try to consult your physician so that you will be properly guided in uncovering the root cause of the problem. It is important to note that on many occasions, hair loss problems are just symptoms of underlying health disorders; by properly addressing the issue at its root cause, you can also solve your problem. In this case, hair loss can be a symptom of anxiety and stress; by properly managing stress and anxiety, you may be able to solve your problems on hair loss.

\"Great Hair\"

Another reason why you are having this kind of problem is lack of essential vitamins and minerals; deficiency of these nutrients could lead to gradual loss of hair. Hence, when choosing for the best hair growth products, select the ones that contain important vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin B1 and B complex. Moreover, it should also contain essential minerals like magnesium, zinc and iron. These vitamins and minerals are well known to help improve the health condition of your hair.

Choosing the Best Hair Growth Products - Great Products For Hair Growth

Once you are able to find the best hair growth products that are well suited for you, make sure that you are going to use it on regular basis for at least six months in order to really experience the improvement. Some consumers try to use one brand for only a month and hastily conclude that they are not effective; don't listen to them because they did not follow the instructions carefully. You should note that there is no quick fix solution to this problem because it takes time to nourish the hair and it also takes time for the hair to grow; hence, properly observe the recommended use of each product.

Whatever is your choice for the best hair growth products that are effective for you, just remember the tips mentioned in this article because they can greatly help you find the best one for you.

Choosing the Best Hair Growth Products - Great Products For Hair Growth

Start doing something now regarding your hair loss problems; you can begin by checking on some of the best solutions for hair loss at Natural Hair Regrowth Treatment and start living your life with more confidence and enhanced self-esteem.

Get Great Hair With Hair Extensions!

Gone are the days when hair extensions were reserved only for glamorous celebrities and WAGs. Nowadays, anyone can take advantage of the range of different hair extension techniques and get the hair they've always wanted! We've all seen out favourite celeb go from a short do to long flowing locks literally over night, and now not only do we know their secret, we can do the same!

When extensions were first made popular by celebrities on the red carpet they were very expensive, this is one of the reasons why more people didn't use them. However, nowadays extensions are more affordable and attainable for anyone who is looking to try out a new look. Hair extensions come in a range of different types and there are a number of application methods, therefore you are certain to find a method to suit you, your budget and your lifestyle.

\"Great Hair\"

Extensions have become so popular due to the quick results you can get with them. No other product can give you all the extra length you want in a matter of hours. You have complete control as to the length of your hair. You might only want a little extra length or you might go for a more dramatic waist length mane; it's completely up to you!

Get Great Hair With Hair Extensions!

The best thing about extensions is that nowadays they are made to look completely natural. Most people opt for human hair extensions as these look and behave like your own hair so no-one need ever know it isn't your own hair. If you are looking for extra length on a budget then you can still give synthetic hair a try. It might not look as realistic as real hair (for obvious reasons) but you can get some good quality synthetic extensions.

You wouldn't be alone in thinking that the popularity of hair extensions is a relatively new phenomenon, but in actual fact it is a practice that has been used for many years. African-American hair stylists have been using weaves and hair pieces in the same way that we use extensions today. However, nowadays there are a lot of advanced techniques that create amazing results, are more durable and don't cause damage to the natural hair.

It is important to always make sure you visit a qualified hair extension specialist to have your extensions put in, as badly fitted extensions can be uncomfortable and even cause bald patches.

Extensions are not only great for adding extra length to your style but they can also thicken thin or fine hair. If you want extra volume and thickness then hair extensions could be the answer. You can also use extensions to add colour to your style. A few coloured extensions could really brighten up your look or you can use colours as highlights to lift your colour.

Well-fitted and well-looked after extensions can look amazing for up to 6 months in some cases. You do need to remember that taking care of extensions can be time consuming. You will need to make time to wash, brush and style your extensions in a specific way but it will all be worth it to have great looking hair. Make sure you do your homework before going ahead with extensions so that you get the right type and technique for you.

Get Great Hair With Hair Extensions!

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The Beginner's Guide to Hairstyling and Hairdressing - Resources and Training

A particular style of hair dressing, often what is fashionable and something different is termed hairstyle. In today's world, one is known not by his behavior but by his looks and his personality. Your hair styling will gain you a good personality which will make an attraction to everyone surrounding you.

In olden age, no one was concern about hair design and hair styling as it was not considered as important for getting a nice personality as it is counted in today's world. But after late 80's when the decade of pop stars, world got a new impression about hair designs. At that time the rough the hair styling was, the famous the personality was.

\"Great Hair\"

Elvis Presley was one of the legends who changed the thinking of hairstyling. Then people started spending their money and time behind certain hair styles. But due to lack of Hair designers they were restricted till certain extent. But the scenario changed in early 90's when there was desperation created by people for changing hair style every after some days (as per survey done in 1992). Nearly 89% of people were becoming hair conscious after their hair designs.

The Beginner's Guide to Hairstyling and Hairdressing - Resources and Training

Now the time has come when a celebrity spends average 3.5 hrs daily on their hair styles and hair designs as now it is counted as major part on individual's personality. Due to this Hair color industry has got a good shaped in the market. Also as per education is concern, people started taking interest in selecting field in hair design and hair styling courses.

There are various degree and diploma courses offered for Hair-design courses. Indirectly, we can say that the awareness in Hair-styling has opened new doors for many people. It is counted as second part of our personality. And by looking today's world consciousness behind hair-style and hair design it can be said easily that, in upcoming years it will grow from all the sides whether it is considered as fashion , personality or as a carrier instinct.

"If you have a nice hair, you would be where, where you should be there"

The Beginner's Guide to Hairstyling and Hairdressing - Resources and Training

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How to Tell If Someone is Flirting - 3 Reliable Ways to Decode Flirting Signals

Learning how to tell if someone is flirting is easy, when you know how to flirt yourself. But if you're not quite experienced in that area, this article will definitely help. After all, knowledge is power. You can either flirt back or take a step back to discourage advances.

So how do you tell if someone is flirting with you? Read this article and find out.

\"Great Hair\"

1) Priority is to make you laugh.

How to Tell If Someone is Flirting - 3 Reliable Ways to Decode Flirting Signals

Laughter is not only the best medicine. It is also the best icebreaker. A lot of people like to use jokes and amusing stories to get you to lighten up.

Once they succeed in making you laugh, they'll know if you'll be more or less open to more flirtation. Of course, you also have to consider the circumstances.

If a person is naturally friendly, they might just be acting as they normally would with other people. But if this is a person you've just met or if no one else is around, then it is more than likely that the person is flirting with you.

2) Casual compliments.

"Great hair!" People don't normally shower you with compliments, so when someone drops you something as simple as that earlier example, you need to be on alert.

This is one way on how to tell if someone is flirting with you. The more casual the compliment, the more that person is trying not to reveal. After all, flirting is not just a one-time thing. It does not do well for the person to reveal all of their cards before you have the chance to react.

You can deal with casual compliments in two ways. If you want to flirt back, say something nice about that person as well. But if you don't want to engage in any kind of flirtation, simply say thank you and move on.

3) Touching is flirting.

Another effective tip on how to tell if someone is flirting is by observing a person's non-verbal antics. When a person touches your arm more than once, they are probably flirting. It doesn't matter whether the touch is brief or lingering, as long as it is deliberately done and has no real purpose whatsoever.

For example, if someone taps you on the shoulder because they want to call your attention, that's not flirting. But when someone places their hand on your arm while in the middle of a story, then there's definitely something there.

It's easy enough to learn how to tell if someone is flirting. Pick-up lines aren't the only way to determine whether a person wants to play the game or not. Just be on the lookout for some of these signs and you'll be all set.

How to Tell If Someone is Flirting - 3 Reliable Ways to Decode Flirting Signals

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How to Get Rid of Dry Scalp Problems

So you have tried lot of things to prevent getting dry scalp problems but nothing seems to work.

Fact is dry scalp problems are a very common issue that lots of people face. This is especially true in dead winter where you are moving in and out between hot and cold areas when conditions change the skin of your scalp becomes rigid and dry. This leads to an itchy and flaky scalp.

\"Great Hair\"

Dry scalp problems are usually regarded as dandruff even though that is incorrect. This is because they are usually treated as dandruff and the condition usually worsens.

How to Get Rid of Dry Scalp Problems

Conditions are often misidentified as dandruff, and are treated as such, which can worsen

Scalp related problems usually occur when your hair strand that comes out of the scalp is not being giving the right moisture it needs by the sebaceous gland or natural oils. Natural oils are crucial for the development of healthy growing tresses.

Fact is great hair days always begin with a healthy scalp. So in this article I will show you simple ways to keep your hair moist and to grow strong longer tresses.

The first step to fix dry scalp hair problems is to moisturize your scalp. The best way to do it is to use a herbal oil. A good one is Mira hair oil. To use gently massage the oil into your scalp before and after every wash to hydrate it and lift away the dry flakes..

Use a natural clarifying shampoo weekly to end any hair and scalp problems. These deep-cleaning formulas can get rid of product buildup and will help remove dry and dead skin cells

Use Luke warm water when showering and never hot. The hot water can take away natural oils from your scalp. This will make it very dry and itchy. Having said that make sure to choose the lowest heat setting on your blow-dryer when using it and use a diffuser.

Use an apple cider vinegar and water rinse after your shampoo. This will bring out the natural color of your mane and remove any dry flakes

Another remedy to prevent dry scalp problems is to use a little table salt into your scalp before shampooing with a commercial based shampoo.

In my opinion using the herbal oil alone will stop your scalp problems. It is easy to use and takes no time at all to use.
Follow these simple steps and put an end to any and all head and hair issues.

How to Get Rid of Dry Scalp Problems

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Are Hair Weaves Safe?

Hair weaves can make your hair look thick and full and beautiful. But are they safe? It all depends on how you have them done. Always go to a professional and experienced dresser that has specializes in what you are looking for. They can potentially strengthen your hair and follicle but this varies depending on the texture of your hair before the weave.

They can be applied with fusing or with sewing. Sewing is going to be safer and more natural. Hair weaves should be inserted a quarter inch from your scalp of your head, thus not effecting your natural hair, and will provide a more natural look. They should not be placed at the scalp.

\"Great Hair\"

This allows for your hair to continue to grow naturally and without damage. You can get natural or synthetic, depending on how much you have to spend. Natural hair weaves can be left in for up to 3 months depending on how fast your hair grows and will look more realistic. Be sure to keep it moisturized and clean. Natural and professional hair weaves should be able to be died, colored, trimmed, cleaned, styled, and everything else that you'd do to your natural hair.

Are Hair Weaves Safe?

Don't have too many weaves applied to your hair. The weight can pull your hair out and damage your scalp and hair follicle. Often the most difficult and damaging part of a hair weave is the removal of them. Again, be sure to go to a professional and be sure your weave is really ready to come out. Proper care and maintenance will ensure that your hair weave is safe, and adds to the beauty of your hair.

Are Hair Weaves Safe?

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Balding Hair Styles - Lose Your Hair And Look Young At The Same Time With The Right Hair Cut

Balding hair styles are becoming more important than ever before. It's amazing how difficult it is to obtain any useful information on the internet about hair thinning gentlemen's hairstyles.

You will be aware this oneself if you have ever searched for to do the trace on the internet pertaining to 'balding men hair styles', 'hair styles with regard to balding gentlemen', 'balding hair styles' or even almost any option number of variations on this balding hair styles.

\"Great Hair\"

It is amazing bearing in mind precisely how large numerous balding men there are actually which deserve the most recent great hair as just as any one otherwise...

Balding Hair Styles - Lose Your Hair And Look Young At The Same Time With The Right Hair Cut

Progressively, this loss evolves right into a full-fledged hairless patch, and also the bald place grows to pay for the head, disregarding the sides and also the back from the head. Regardless of this, when there may be the solitary locks remaining on my own mind I'll nevertheless want a fashionable hair style. As a result, exactly what balding hair alternatives can be found?

The most detrimental balding gentlemen's hairstyle is simply the hair comb over. That is the old designed style much-loved amongst men of a specific age group where the hair somewhere is developed longer as well as 'combed over' the actual hairless spot for the other side.

The first typical mistake is usually brushing the head of hair directly back again. This may look after bald areas, however it basically reveals your own forehead as well as attracts understanding of the decreasing hairline.

The second is generally growing hair longer behind to make upward for what is actually lacking on the top. This can unbalance the top and even additional highlight the actual baldness.

More youthful blokes along with thinning hair may be persuaded to make use of gel... nevertheless this isn't advisable. Gel stays what locks you have collectively and reveals the head.

Similarly, developing your hair lengthy in an effort to hide actually leads to hair in order to part as well as reveal a lot more scalp.

Therefore, just what would be the best balding hair styles?

If your hairline isn't receding an excessive amount of, but the overhead of your mind is without having question obtaining thinner, you will get away along with keeping the leading long as well as combing hair straight to cover the actual bald area.

Eventually nevertheless, your hairless patch will probably expand.

The actual quintessential hair thinning mens hairstyle when fulfilled with a glistening hairless head, would be to go full-scale and just cut it all away, or at least get a really close cut.

You'll most likely end up being blown away from people's responses and the words of flattery you will obtain - the actual shaved appearance happens to be a fully advantageous balding hairstyle these days.

Start off with electrical trimmers as if you find in the actual barbers. After you have trimmed the large stuff, froth up utilizing shaving carbamide peroxide gel. This leads to a softer, closer cut than shaving your face cream.

Following using a razor blade, begin from the best and cut down using the grain being careful at the back -- it's recommended to look at precisely what you are doing utilizing a small reflection.

Shaving your face only entails a couple of minutes and in addition you don't need to replicate it each day (two to three occasions a week is sufficient). This can be great in finding the best balding hair styles.

Balding Hair Styles - Lose Your Hair And Look Young At The Same Time With The Right Hair Cut

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Avoid and Easily Undo Knotty Hair

Your hair enhances your personality by adding inherent beauty and charisma. While your face reflects the qualities and strengths of your character, your hair style helps you look different in a crowd.

If you want to maintain shiny and beautiful hair, you must take adequate care by using good quality hair products and taking nutritious diet. Some people are blessed with naturally beautiful hair, which is not very difficult to manage. But, some women may face the problem of having knotty hair, which consumes a lot of time and efforts to fix this problem.

\"Great Hair\"

However, it is possible to avoid and untangle knotty hair, if you take some effective measures as listed below:

Avoid and Easily Undo Knotty Hair

1) Using an inadequate shampoo is one of the primary reasons of tangles and snarls. While using a shampoo, you must gently massage it on your scalp. Don't pile up your hair on top of your head while washing your hair. This would definitely create knots with most of your hair strands getting into a small area on your head.

2) When you wash your hair, you must avoid brushing it wet. Wet hair is more delicate, and thus should not be brushed. This may tear its cuticle. If you cannot avoid doing so, you must comb it tenderly in order to avoid hair breakage and damage.

3) If you have long, knotty hair, you should not leave it open. This is because open hair attracts more dirt and dandruff, and may be very difficult to manage, the well-tied hair remain less tangled.

4) For very bad tangles, it is advisable to use a good-quality conditioner. You should divide your hair into two-three parts while applying a conditioner, and then apply it on each part, this will help you dampen all strands and provide them uniform conditioning. "A conditioner effectively nourishes your hair and makes it look soft, silky and manageable.

5) If you have knotty hair, you must regularly get it styled. If you have longer hair, you should trim it every 2-3 months. This would allow you to get rid of split ends, which can make the problem of knotty hair worse.

6) Comb your hair by using a wide teeth comb. This allows each curl to fall into its natural position.

7) You should refrain from using a brush. Remember, you should always comb curly hair, and not brush them. Otherwise, your hair may start looking frizzy.

8) Before you go to sleep, you should apply a little hair cream and wrap your hair. The very next day, you can style the way you want.

9) You should keep your hair properly moist and wash it once in 2 days to remove dirt and grease.

10) It is highly recommended to avoid using blow dryer on wet hair as this may damage your hair and may make it look rough and dry.

Follow all the tips listed above to enjoy a nice hair cleaning and maintenance session. Soon, you would yourself getting accustomed to these tips and adopt them as a way of life.

Avoid and Easily Undo Knotty Hair

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Vitamins for Gray Hair

Gray hair is a direct sign of aging and most older people would like to prevent this from happening. But like aging, graying hair is a natural, unstoppable process. Having gray hair is not so bad. You can still have healthy and beautiful hair despite the gray and one way of achieving that is by giving your gray hair vitamins.

How does hair become gray?

\"Great Hair\"

Each hair follicle contains pigment cells that produce the chemical called melanin that gives the hair its natural color. The hair's light or dark color depends on the amount of melanin each hair contains. As we get older, the pigment cells in the hair follicles die gradually. Because of this, the production of melanin becomes weak, making its color to fade to silver, gray, or white.

Vitamins for Gray Hair

Keeping gray hair away

Everyone's hair will turn gray eventually, but there is nothing wrong with delaying the process. Hair vitamins for gray hair are now available commercially to stall the appearance of gray hair. For the hair to continue to produce melanin, it is helpful to give it a steady diet of Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA). It is one of the many B-complex vitamins and is readily available both in capsule-form vitamin B-complex at your nearest drugstore. Pantothenic acid or Vitamin B-5 is another known vitamin for gray hair. It stimulates vitamin utilization and releases energy from food to for great hair and good skin. If partnered with folic acid, pantothenic acid helps restore the hair's natural color so it fights premature gray hair.

Recently, researchers have come up with solutions to gray hair. According to cancer researchers, liposomes, substances that help deliver drugs into the body, can be utilized to deposit melanin inside the follicles. This means that if the hair naturally stops producing melanin, then melanin can be artificially deposited to the hair follicles. A leading cosmetics laboratory has also developed a precursor molecule for melanin called dihydroxyl-5.6-indole. This allows the natural process of hair pigmentation to take place naturally through a slow process of oxydization.

Vitamins for Gray Hair

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